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When is the last time you reflected on your boundaries?

We often think about boundaries as our way to say No

It is actually a powerful way to say yes.

Yes to what really matters.

Setting boundaries is a practice of intentionality and love.

Letting go of what is not serving your needs, desires, purpose to make space for what is aligning with who you are, what you want and who you want to become.

Setting boundaries is a profound practice. It requires from you to ask some very deep questions:

What are my real priorities in my life? What and who is truly important to me?

It is also an acknowledgement of our limitations:

My time is limited. How do I want to spend my time?

My energy is limited. What do I want to invest my energy in?

My attention is limited. What and who do I want to give my attention to?

Looking back, I can see that the anxiety I was experiencing at work was coming from my lack of clarity on what was important to me,

and also a lack of acknowledgment that I was important. That led me to a path of "pushing through" and depletion instead of a path of ease and fulfillment.

I was focusing so much on meeting expectations set outside of me that I lost track of myself in the process. And this misalignment deepened the anxiety.

The most important boundary I failed to set was the one coming from a place of self-love and self-compassion.

By accepting to live with this constant and painful anxiety, I hurt myself. I also hurt people I love.

I am not blaming myself for it. I did not know better at this time. I was doing the best I could.

If you are living in this constant anxiety at work, please listen to me: there is another path for you. You can unlearn what is not serving you and learn new ways to be you and find peace and joy in your career.

And when you gain this clarity about yourself, it becomes much easier to set these boundaries...

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