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The 21-day Well-being Challenge

Reclaim your quality of life and vitality

Learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety

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You deserve to live a life you love!

Who is it for?

  • You are constantly living with stress and anxiety, although you may appear successful and put together from the outside

  • You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck.

  • Your stress is impacting negatively:

    • your performance at work​

    • your relationships 

    • your mental and physical health


You know you need a change.

You are ready to act now.

I've created the 21-day well-being challenge  for you. 

What is it about?

This 3-week program will support you in initiating the process of reclaiming your well-being.


You will:

- identify the real underlying root causes of your stress and anxiety

- learn simple and actionable tools & strategies to manage your stress and anxiety

- take concrete first steps to enhance your wellness and vitality

My approach is holistic, and it will give you the foundational knowledge and tools you need to reclaim your quality of life and your vitality.

My goal is to set you up for success in living your best life. You deserve it.

Your journey

The 3-week program includes:

  • Four  30-min. coaching sessions with me for personalized work and accountability

  • One email each day with:

    • prompts for self-reflection

    • assessments

    • stress management tools

    • video content

  • Whatsapp support

Your results

  • Lower stress

  • Understanding of the roots of your stress 

  • Increased self-compassion and empathy

  • Efficient tools to manage your stress

  • Strategies to navigate difficult emotions

  • A personalized self-care plan

  • Boost of confidence and vitality

  • Clarity on your next steps to keep going

What participants say

I got the opportunity to develop new habits such as breathing exercises, very powerful to go back to a calm state.

If you want to start dealing with your anxiety and start enjoying your life FOR REAL,

go with this program.

HR Manager

By committing this time to yourself and committing to the activities, you will gain insight and start to learn tangible techniques to be more present.

It is more about leaning in and making small manageable changes than doing a complete overhaul that won't be maintainable.

Type-A Technical Professional, working mom

This challenge has encouraged me to rethink my approach to schedule my time and my family's time.

The challenge forces you to look beyond the surface and the weekly meetings help with accountability.

Director, PMO


Meet Gaelle, your coach

I am an ACC certified well-being and mental fitness coach helping professionals with high-functioning anxiety overcome their  stress to restore their well-being and quality of life.


As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of anxiety, I have developed a deep understanding of the underlying root causes and effective strategies to manage them.

I am passionate about helping others break the cycle of stress and feel good again.

Take this step forward and join the challenge today.

Sign up now!

Special Spring Offer

Benefit from a super soft Spring rate : $138.50
(to compare to $277 value)

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You'll receive all the instructions within 24 hours after signing up.
Please note that the challenge always starts on a Monday. 

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