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Our upcoming
Wellness Retreats & Workshops

April 13 - Wellness retreat in nature.jpg

Join us for a serene and recharging day in nature at the Audubon Trails Nature Center in Rolla, with morning stretches, a mindful nature walk, creative crafting, enriching nutrition talks, and skincare practices that nurture both body and soul.


This retreat is a homage to the rejuvenating energy of spring, complemented by a healthy and delicious lunch.

April 25 Sip & Bloom.jpg

Unwind with a blend of yoga, reflection, and creative expression, surrounded by the serene beauty of the vineyards.


Enjoy a glass of wine as we indulge in the joys of spring and the art of relaxation.

April 25 Sip & Bloom.jpg
HHH Wellness retreat.jpg
HHH Wellness retreat (1).jpg

Welcome to our transformative retreat, designed for mental health professionals


Throughout this immersive retreat, you'll engage in workshops and activities tailored to enhance your well-being, support your practice, and deepen your self-awareness including:

  • Mindfulness and Mental Fitness Practices

  • Equine-Assisted Learning

  • Inner Healing with Internal Family System (IFS) Therapy

  • Neurographic Art

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