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From two to one arrow

It took me 2 hours to get from Paris CDG airport to the Montparnasse station today (20 miles)… more time than driving from St James, MO where I live to St Louis airport I departed from (100 miles).

Why am sharing this with you?

In the past, I would have been complaining about the traffic jam and I would have worked myself up… and would be in a very bad mood right now. It would affect me and the quality of my connections to others for the rest of the day.

I did not let that happen today: I took a deep breath and embraced this reality: there is nothing I can do about the traffic. But what I can do is decide how I want to use this time and who I want to be in this moment.

I enjoyed the ride, had an interesting conversation with my taxi driver.

I am now enjoying a tea in a very Parisian coffee shop. I will welcome my dear friend Marie-Laure at the station with a big smile and positive energy.

I actually see it as an act of kindness and love to myself and to others. Being more intentional about the quality of my experience of life in the moment is supporting me in choosing the thoughts that will align with my profound desire of peace and joy. And I show up in the world with a higher energy.

Often we create a double pain for ourselves, the double arrow.

Here, the first arrow is the traffic jam

The 2nd would be the frustration, bad mood, anger about it

It also works with our anxiety.

Not only do we feel anxious about a situation, but often we beat ourselves up for feeling anxious. Another kind of double arrow.

Adding an additional layer of anxiety to the anxiety.

Self-compassion is the entrance door to your journey to free yourself from anxiety.

I am here to support you in this journey.

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