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Are you giving yourself the compassion you deserve?

"I paid a very high price for not giving myself the self-compassion I deserved."

This part of a previous post on anxiety that resonated with many of you.

It takes a lot of courage to keep going through anxiety day after day, to take on new projects and commit to new goals that trigger fear of failure.

It also requires a real lack of self-compassion when we keep enduring it. Our inner critic, our Judge, is cruel. It will not allow us to give ourselves the love we deserve.

Instead, we feel very harsh emotions towards ourselves and our anxiety: shame, guilt, anger. Like a second arrow hitting us in the heart. Each time.

We just just push back and keep going, smiling and working hard while feeling miserable inside.

Day after day. Months after months. Year after Year. Living with anxiety and suffering as a normal thing, more and more anchored, as an habit you cannot break.

Self-compassion is key to break this circle of constant anxiety. Recognizing we are suffering and extending kindness to ourself.

Where can you start?

(Btw, this work on self-compassion can really benefit all of us)

What would you tell your best friend if she/he was sharing what you are experiencing? How would you feel?

What if you started to talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend?

I also invite you to open up to a loved and trusted one. Honestly. Courageously. The empathy you will receive will be your first step towards developing your own self-compassion.

And reconnect with yourself as a child.

Remember memories of your beautiful, joyful, caring little self.

I posted here the pictures of me as a kid that always bring a smile on face and put love in my heart. I would never want the little Gaelle, aka Chaponette (the sweet name my grandma was giving me), to be hurt So precious. I remember she is me, I am her. And I let it guide my behavior. It always brings love and self-compassion.

Self-care is also very important in my approach to let go of anxiety. As you (re)learn to focus on self-care in all areas of your life, your self-compassion grows.

By (re)creating this deep loving connection with yourself, you develop a new self-awareness of your needs and desires, you grow your acceptance of who you are and your love towards yourself.

You recharge physically, mentally, emotionally.

You create the energy you will need to anchor new mindsets, behaviors, habits


The time is now to break the circle of anxiety and welcome joy and peace in your life.

I am here if you need support.

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