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When everything feels out of your comfort zone...

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the things that comes first to mind when thinking about personal growth and coaching!

I was really scared the morning of my skydiving. Fully getting out my comfort zone. The couple minutes I floated in the air after the free fall are some of the most joyful in my life. Still brings happy tears to my eyes.

However, in the past it would irritate the s...t out of me when my managers were invited me to get out of my comfort zone.

You know why: because I was living with the feeling that I was constantly out of my comfort zone... I rarely felt "comfortable".

I was pushing myself through my days and commitments at work with a constant underlying feeling of anxiety.

The weight I was putting on my shoulders (the Hyper responsibility, the fear of failure, shame of not being good enough, constant thinking of worst case scenarios) was actually creating in "normal" work situations an exhausting "out of my comfort zone" type of experience. Out of my comfort zone equaled anxiety for me.

So you can believe me when I tell you that I would avoid it at all cost in my personal life... and try to minimize it in my professional life by sticking to my position in the company instead of looking for opportunities of career evolutions. I was giving my best to what was expecting from me in my job, but the idea of taking other responsibilities felt almost unbearable.

It all comes down to the perspective I had on the situation, my mindset.

I was obsessed with the outcome and with not failing - as if my own value as a person was connected to this result -

Oh the anxiety that it has created for me...

It took me a long time to appreciate the journey over the outcome,

to look at a new project with the excitement of the learning and the growth it will bring instead of the fear of failing.

I still have to deal with the old habits, the old path of the fear and anxiety.

But now, I can catch myself, pause, breathe deeply and take my mind to a new place, a place where I see the best case scenario. I have developed a growth mindset perspective, one step at a time.

Now I can say I am looking forward to get out of my comfort zone. I taught myself to enjoy it.

I still feel some fear and anxiety. But I do not let them take the lead. I can choose to live my life from a place of excitement, joy, enthusiasm, fun, growth.

Without this major mindset shift, I would never have engaged in a relationship with the man who shares my life today, took a radical turn in my career path to become a coach, become a certified scuba diver, experienced skydiving, and so many new things I have experienced the past years that brought me joy, excitement, pride. It changed everything. It changed my experience of life. It made my life so much richer...and joyful!

If you feel ready to let go of anxiety and find your path towards peace and joy, I am here to support you in your journey.

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