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How committed to yourself are you?

I took the commitment to myself to show up authentically here three times a week, on my working weeks.

I have to be honest with you: I used to take my commitments to others much more seriously than my commitments to myself.

Stepping back, I can see how I consistently hurt myself by over-committing to others priorities, expectations, agendas... and under-committing to my own priorities. I pushed this tendency to the point of loosing track of my own desires, needs, aspirations...

Feeling trapped. In my own trap.

It contributed to the high anxiety I experienced at work for so many years.

To get back to my commitment to my engagement on LinkedIn, It is important to me. It serves my desire to help others on their journey with anxiety to find peace and foster well-being. It is why I take it seriously.

But I also know that what can come in my way to honor this commitment to myself is my imposter syndrome with its "it is not good enough" and "you are not good enough" that lead to anxiety ... and can lead to just letting go of the commitment.

Interestingly enough, I also know that in the past, if it was part of my job description to post 3 times a week, the same imposter syndrome and anxiety would be triggered, but the commitment to my company/boss to make it happen would have me pull through, in pain, and do it anyway. The anxiety would certainly also have removed most pleasure and satisfaction from the task.

If it was not required by my job, I am 99% sure I would just have dropped it.

Today, I took a few deep breaths and I reminded myself that I am enough and by doing the best I can, being true to myself and honoring my commitments to myself, I am on the path I want to be. I also wonder how I can make it fun and/or meaningful to me and others. I do not let the anxiety be the energy here. Intentionality 1 - Anxiety 0.

I invite you today, as you start this new week, to take a moment to step back and look at the commitments you are willing to take for this week and bring more intentionality:

What is really important to you?

How can you best serve others in alignment with what is really important to you?

How can you turn what is coming up for you this week into meaningful experiences to you? bring some fun, joy creativity?

What is one commitment to yourself you want to consistently honor?

Our commitments to others matter. Let's just always make sure we do not loose track of ourself, our values, our well-being. It can happen very fast.

Today, I am also proud to honor my commitments to myself. From this place I can create a more fulfilled life aligned with who I am and what I value most. And I am actually serving others better.

Pushing "Post" now is one way to doing that :)

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