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I remember the time when I was dreading Mondays.

Yes. I do remember the time when I was dreading Mondays.

It would start on Sunday afternoon. The anxiety simmering first. Trying to push back the thoughts about going back to work on Monday. Without success. Anxiety boiling.

The worry about the deadlines to meet, about everything that could possibly go wrong on the projects I was working on.

The thoughts about how I could manage it. Would I be good enough?

Making it impossible to be fully in the moment and enjoying the time with my loved ones or whatever I was doing.

The poor quality of my sleep on Sunday nights

The waking up on Monday with knots in my belly, pain in my chest, tight throat.

The energy and courage it required, just to get out of the bed...

It would give the tone to the rest of my week.

I have worked many years to put my anxiety in the back seat instead of the driver seat. I have transformed my life and am on a new path aligned with my values and interests (coaching ❤️)

You would think this "Monday dread" would have just disappeared. It did not.

Like my anxiety, it had turned into a habit. My brain would just automatically create this dreadful feelings.

So I have developed a special self-care routine to break this habit.

It starts on Sunday by incorporating an activity that brings me joy and relaxation.

Very often it is cooking healthy food for the week to come listening to a personal development. Yesterday, it was Unlocking us with Brené Brown.

It can be a bike ride, a walk in the park, a yoga class, watching a good movie, alone or with my loved ones.

I also take 20 minutes to plan my Monday and the rest of my weeks blocking some time for the important things I want to get done.

And comes Monday and my Monday routine:

✨ I first listen to a Non Sleep Deep Rest recording in my bed. I really like Madefor one on youtube.

✨ I do 20 to 30 minutes of stretching including my 5 Tibetan rite

✨ I take a long warm shower with a 1 minute cold shower at the end (so energizing!)

✨ I have a green tea and breakfast, outdoors weather permitting

✨ I water my plants (I love this part)

✨ I lit up a candle I love or/and pour a few drops of lavender essential oil a in bowl of hot water in my office

I set myself for success for a great week, relaxed and with a clear mind. And one Monday at a time, I create a new pathway in my brain that leads to peace instead of anxiety.

Taking control back of your life when you deal with chronic anxiety is a journey.

It starts with taking small steps.

Self-care is a wonderful way to get started because it develops both self-awareness on your needs and self-compassion.

Please reach out to me if you need some support.

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