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  • Reduce your Stress & Anxiety

  • Unlock your Potential

  • Develop your Well-Being

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8-week Mental Fitness

Group Coaching Program

What is it?

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is our capacity to handle all life challenges with a positive mindset that serves our best interests.


This mental fitness program, created by Shirzad Chamine, is based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, performance science & cognitive behavioral psychology.


With this program, you will develop the 3 core mental muscles that:

  • strengthen the parts of your brain that serve you the best, your Sage,


  • intercept and quiet the parts that sabotage you, your Judge and your Saboteurs.

The Goals

The program creates long lasting changes:

  • Focus on habit formation

  • Treat root cause, not symptoms

  • Develop all 3 core muscles


Your Results

By mastering Positive Intelligence, you can:

  • Reduce stress& anxiety

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Improve work performances

  • Cultivate resilience, focus and calm

  • Elevate your well-being

What participants say

Paige M.H.

"Learning how to lead myself with empathy, curiosity and love has been the biggest insight.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to continue growing or begin the process of growing regarding their mental health and overall wellness."


"I recommend this program to anyone looking to better themselves. It isn’t a “quick fix”. Rather, it helps you build a toolbox of mental muscles that aid in lifelong personal and professional successes and resilience.

"I have drastically improved my reaction to stressful situations. This in turn has resulted in better mood, sleep and overall enjoyment of life. I have also noticed improved relationships by learning to manage my emotions and communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally."

Taylor P.

Kelly S.

What Paige said

Your Journey

You will embark on a 8-week journey to build the foundation of your mental fitness:

  • Week 1: Onboarding

  • Week 2: Self-Command Muscles

  • Week 3-4: Saboteurs Interceptor

  • Week 5-7: Sage Muscles

  • Week 8: Your roadmap 

The program includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour Video Content Session

  • 15-minute daily Practice via phone-based PQ app

  • Two 1-to- 1 coaching sessions with Gaelle

  • Weekly 1-hour zoom Coaching Session (5ppl max)

  • Access to PQ Gym for practice in the app

  • Digital version of the Positive Intelligence book

  • Access to the app for a full year

  • Community support

The PQ app


Meet Gaelle,
your mental fitness coach

The 8-week "bootcamp" gives you the foundations you need to grow your mental fitness.

This program is having a huge positive lasting impact on my clients.  The tools and techniques are simple, pragmatic and efficient.

They help them (and me!) to stay grounded and respond to life challenges with their best self, reducing their stress and increasing their life satisfaction and their well-being.

It is a great addition to the 1-to-1 coaching work I do with my clients. It is why I am so passionate about sharing it with you!

Gaelle Chapon

Certified Well-being and mindset coach

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Our next program
starts on October 14th

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Special Fall Rate of $750 

(to compare to $995 public price
that doesn't include individual and group coaching)

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I have learned so much working on my mental fitness with Gaelle. The personal growth, recognition and redirection of negativity, and prioritization of positive intelligence exercises strongly benefit my personal and professional life. Through the entire journey, Gaelle guided, listened, and lead by example with no judgement. I highly recommend this program.

-Chelsea Jones, MBA, CPT-Writer & Personal Trainer

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