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What Kelly said

How satisfied are you with your experience?


If you were to recommend the program, what would you say?

Take a chance, you won't regret participating. You will find individualized guidance and support to identify and achieve your own personal goals. Gaelle and the 6-week program will set you up for long term well being by developing new habits, skills, and strategies that will result in overall quality of life and success!

How likely are you to recommend the program?

10 / 10

Why did you decide to join the program?

Reduce stress levels while prioritizing what it is important as well as being more present in the moment.

What did you like the most about the program?

Recognizing my own saboteurs and learning the tools on how to chose sage. The support I received from Gaelle and my other POD member was very encouraging.

How would you describe Gaelle's coaching style?

Gaelle is supportive, non-judgmental, motivational.

What are the main insights you got?

Greater resilience to the challenges of life! I have the ability to chose how I react to every situation I am faced with. I just need to use the tools that I learned through this mental fitness program and keep building my mental fitness muscle.

What concrete results can you share?

I have drastically improved my reaction to stressful situations. This in turn has resulted in better mood, sleep and overall enjoyment of life. I have also noticed improved relationships by learning to manage my emotions and communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally.

Kelly is beautiful human being and owner of the Spencer Manor Winery, in St James MO.

She joined my mental fitness program based on Positive iIntelligence in January 2023.

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