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What Taylor said

How satisfied are you with your experience?


If you were to recommend the program, what would you say?

I recommend this program to anyone looking to better themselves. It isn’t a “quick fix”. Rather, it helps you build a toolbox of mental muscles that aid in lifelong personal and professional successes and resilience.


How likely are you to recommend the program?

10 / 10

Why did you decide to join the program?

I decided to work with Gaelle and join the positive intelligence program, because I was looking to better myself and strengthen relationships both personally and professionally.

What did you like the most about the program?

What I liked most about the program is that it was broken down into reasonable and practical weekly segments. This program doesn’t promise to instantly relieve all of your troubles. Rather, it gives you the tools to work through them and emerge mentally stronger.

How would you describe Gaelle's coaching style?

Gaelle is positive, supportive, and encouraging!

What are the main insights you got?

This program helped me better understand my saboteurs and the saboteurs of those around me. It has helped me learn to use negative emotions as a signal and shift to a positive energy and mindset much more quickly and easily.

What concrete results can you share?

One of the main goals I had throughout this program was to better my golf game. As a perfectionist, I have always found being a novice golfer incredibly frustrating. I have been able to apply skills gained in the program to my golf game. I am able enjoy golf more now and am learning so much more quickly.

Taylor is beautiful human being, who works in the Healthcare Industry.

She joined my mental fitness program based on Positive iIntelligence in January 2023.

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