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End 2022 strong,

with clarity and intention.

September is the perfect month to take a pause,

reflect and recharge.

I invite you to get in touch with what you have accomplished so far this year in all areas of your life.

You will reflect on what is really important to you, on what you truly want to focus your time, attention and energy on in these last months of 2022 to make it a great year .

With this awareness and clarity, you will be able set intentions and meaningful goals that will take you where you really want to go.

These insights will inspire you, motivate you and move you forward on your journey this year.

You will make 2022 a great year for you!

An invitation to end 2022 strong

All the details


Date: September 29, 2022

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm CST

Where: Meramec Vineyards Winery

               600 State Rte B, St James, MO 65559

What: 90-minute workshop

Ticket Fee: $21, and includes

- A workbook provided

-  A complimentary drink of your choice


What you can expect

a safe and benevolent space





have clear INTENTIONS for 2022


identify your main PRIORITIES & GOALS

leave with first actionable STEPS 


feel EMPOWERED & in CONTROL of your life


feel MOTIVATED & ENERGIZED to take action

My Name is Gaelle Chapon.


I am a French-American

Self-Care & Authenticity Coach.


 My mission is to support you in connecting with yourself, developing your full potential and creating a life you love, joyful, meaningful & aligned with who you truly are.

I will create a safe an benevolent space for you to self-reflect and guide you through this workshop


Gaelle - office - blur.png


I really appreciated the calm and collected space Gaelle facilitated.
I would highly recommend this to anyone that is passionate about personal development and being functionally more effective


Gaelle helped me work through my priorities, my goals and what really drives me in life.

I deeply thank her for helping me visualize what I needed to see to keep my personal journey growing.

Michelle & Joe

Gaelle makes setting goals easy. Her compassion and guidance have been so helpful in creating the life we desire.

What my clients say

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking

new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust - 

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