I am a Certified Solution-Focused Coach. I was trained with Erickson Coaching International and through their Art & Science of Coaching program. This is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program.

I would like to share with you my definition of coaching and what you can expect when you are working with me.

I really like the definition of coaching by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

"Coaching is a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Coaching is NOT: consulting, counseling, therapy, teaching or mentoring.

In my coaching practice, I offer a safe,  non-judgmental and benevolent space to my clients. My coaching is:

  • Solution-focused

  • Future-oriented

  • Positive

  • Challenging

  • Advice free

The foundations of my coaching mindset are aligned with Erickson Coaching principles and are:

  • People are okay

  • People have all the resources they need and often more than they know!

  • Every person has a positive intention

  • People do the best possible choices with what they know so far

  • Change is not only possible, it is inevitable

Here is what you can expect from me when we work together:

  • I will demonstrate ethical practice and follow the ICF Code of Ethics

  • I will embody the coaching mindset (integrity, honesty, respect, curiosity, open-mindedness, mindfulness, benevolence...)

  • I will establish and maintain clear agreements with you

  • I will cultivate trust and safety in our relationship

  • I will be fully present with you

  • I will listen actively and deeply, beyond your words (intonations, body language)

  • I will evoke awareness through powerful and challenging questioning and direct communication

  • I will facilitate your growth: setting goals, designing actions, planning, managing progress and accountability

I invite you to connect with me through a discovery call. We will get to know each other and discuss how coaching can support you in achieving your goals and overcoming the challenges you are facing.


My mission as a coach is to support you in becoming your best self, to create a vibrant, fulfilling life, the one you want and deserve.

I believe it is never too early or too late

  • To dream and to make dreams come true

  • To build a positive mindset that serves you

  • To define and create happiness and success on your own terms

  • To understand and fully develop your potential

  • To take control of your life and set intentions

I believe that we show up as our best in this world and contribute the most when we embrace fully who we are and follow our own purpose and dreams. I want to be the mirror that helps you see your authentic self and your full potential. It requires your bravery and your boldness. Your mindset is everything.

As a coach my mission is to help you access and develop all your internal resources to create the life you want:

  • Gain clarity on what you want, what you value, who you are 

  • Gain awareness on your inner dialogue and beliefs, and how they affect your behavior for the best and the worst.

  • Create a vision of the future and lifestyle you want and the person you want to be in this future

  • Define your goals and build your action plans aligned with your vision

  • Take action: take a first step, a second one, and keep going one step a time

  • Build commitment and accountability strategies that work for you

  • Re-evevaluate on a regular basis your goals and motivations

  • Build a positive mindset that leads to confidence, growth and change

My role is to support you as you take full control of your personal and professional life and create a future aligned with who you are, your values, your dreams. You will discover and develop inner resources you have not imagined yet!

You just need to believe that change is possible and take this first steps of investing in yourself to create the life you want. Pay attention. Create intention.

A personalized work with a coach who creates a safe, positive and non-judgmental space, where you can hit pause, breathe, be and create freely, is, in my experience the most efficient way to get the results you want in your life. It is important to note that your brain also learn new ways of thinking through the structure of the coaching sessions. It creates new wiring in your brain that your brain will learn to use with more and more ease and automatism.

I am choosing to show up in the world vulnerable and authentic. Through my own experience of life, I have developed a profound compassion and connectedness to my fellow human beings. My empathy and acceptance enable me to hold for you a space in my coaching practice that is safe, benevolent, positive and non-judgmental, where you can be and create freely. I also have the positive energy and solution-focused mindset that enables me to challenge you when needed, move you forward and hold you accountable. This is my gift.

I will be with you every step on the way as YOU change your mind and transform your life! 

Be bold, be brave, be!

  • If you feel stuck, disconnected to yourself, purposeless

  • If you feel there is more for you in your life,

  • If you are looking for more joy, more purpose, more alignment, more balance in your life

  • If you want to show up in your personal and professional life at your best

  • If you are ready to put some work in and invest in yourself

I am here to support you all the way, challenge you, encourage you, hold you accountable, create and hold a space where you can explore new possibilities, take action, grow!

I will support you in connecting with yourself, embracing who you are, taking control of your life, developing your full unique potential so you can live your best life and contribute to the world at your best!

The time is now! Take the first step!

I invite you to connect with me through a discovery call. We will get to know each other and discuss how coaching can support you in achieving your goals and overcoming the challenges you are facing.


Coach's Manifesto

You and I we meet as strangers

Each carrying a mystery within us.

I cannot say who you are;

I may never know completely,

But I trust that you are a person in your own right,

Possessed of a beauty and value that are the Earth's richest treasures.

So I make this promise to you:

I will impose no identities upon you, but will invite you to become yourself without shame or fear.

I will hold open a space for you in the World

and allow your right to fill it with an authentic

vocation and purpose

For as long as your search takes, you have my loyalty.

Theodore Roszak