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From Striving
to  Thriving

A 5-week Self-Care journey

to boost your energy


create balance in your life


From Striving to Thriving

Dates: Coming Soon

Where: online, on zoom

What: (5) 75-minute coaching sessions

How: Group coaching or 1-to-1 coaching

And also

- Support in-between sessions 

- Every session will be recorded

- Additional resources shared

Week 1: Assess your self-care in all areas of your life

Week 2: Build your motivation & commitment

Week 3: Create your digital vision board

Week 4: Define clear goals & a detailed action plan

Week 5: Develop strategies to set up habits that stick,

backed-up by neuroscience


Getting on track with a self-care that gives you energy, balance, alignment & joy

Clarity on what you need and want

Boosted Energy

Motivation & accountability

Empowerment & self-confidence

Increased self-esteem & self-compassion

Better mood and relationships


The support of a community

Neuroscience-based strategies to set up

new habits


"It is when you prioritize

yourself and your self-care,

that you live your most

authentic and fulfilling life,

and give yourself and the world

the best of you!"

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I create a safe space for you to explore and self-reflect,

individually and as a group



All areas of life:

personal, professional, social, financial, environmental


your mind, your heart and your body



I will invite you to express your creative self



I may be challenging sometimes to help you step out of your

comfort zone and try new things, always with love & respect

My Name is Gaelle Chapon.


I am a French-American

Self-Care & Authenticity Coach.


Prioritizing my own self-care has enabled me

to connect to my authentic self and

follow my own path,

bringing me energy, joy, peace and purpose.


My mission is now to support you in being

at your best and, living an authentic,

joyful & meaningful life.


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From Striving
to Thriving

A 5-week self-care journey

Option#1: Group coaching

(5) 75-minute workshops

Option#2: 1-to-1 Coaching 

(5) 75-minute individual sessions



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Self-care is giving the world the best of you

instead of what is left of you

- Katie Reed - 

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